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Questo Sito offre la sua Solidarietà Morale alla Popolazione di Val Susa
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            Associazione WWF Veneto Orientale
            Viale Cadorna 34, 30026 Portogruaro

The WWF is present to Portogruaro from 1979, year of creation of the Section
" WWF of the Portogruarese " whose within of competence extends to all
territory of the province of Venice, comprised between Livenza and the Tagliamento.
The activity of Section WWF of Portogruaro is imprinted above all
to the protection of the territory,
considered the particular landscaped interest and it acclimatizes them
that it characterizes this part
of the Province of Venice, pack-saddles to think next to wrap coastal, to lagoons,
to the water course that crosses it, to the residual ones of the ancient planiziali forests.
The WWF therefore carefully follows politics of the atmosphere that the regional Authorities,
provincial and communal they are pursuing rinunciando not to make to feel the own voice
when the ecological equilibriums risk seriously to being compromises
from chosen little oculate from the puntodi seen it acclimatizes them.
The reference in particular is turned to the paventata construction of one dock in the zone
of the Beacon to Bibione the problem of the smaltimento of the RSU, to the construction
of svincolo highway of Alvisopoli the whose effective benefits for the direct traffic
to the spiagge they are still all to demonstrate, considered the location that this
it would have and the substantial vicinity with costruenda the tangential north of Portogruaro,
to the protection of the areas greens of Caorle, threatened from urbanization plans,
to the protection of the free coastal zones, not still " colonized " from the tourist building, than
the Section has supplied to take a census in the within of the plan of national importance " Oloferne ".
The WWF of the Portogruarese is moreover actively and effectively present on the territory,
with the management of the Oasis shelter of Alvisopoli in the Common one of Fossalta di Portogruaro,
one of the last remained borders of planiziale forest in Region.
With a convention the Province of Venice has assigned in management to the WWF
4 new areas to assign to Oasis of faunistica protection.
The areas in issue are the " situated Zacchi Forest " between Pramaggiore and Cinto Caomaggiore,
the " Forest the Comugne " and the " Forest Station of Pramaggiore "
situated in the Common one of Pramaggiore.
In such areas the WWF will have to proceed periodically to the faunistiche census of the species
(birds and mammals) present and to supervise so that you do not come true venatorie activities.
In the Common one of Portogruaro, just in Via Resistance - zone communal Swimming pool,
the WWF has realized 
to leave from 1987 

a botanical Garden 

In the within of the activities of sensibilizzazione of the public opinion on the thematic ones
it acclimatizes them, the WWF participates moreover with own stands to public manifestations
and fairs which the " Fair of the geese and the boots ".
Annually organized they are gite, classified to associates WWF,
in places of particular naturalistic interest it is of our territory is of high zones.
Other organized manifestation annually (second Sunday of june)
from the WWF it is the ecological foot thrust " Pandapedala ", reached by now 1ä the edition,
that snoda along the roads of the comprensorio to the discovery of the natural beauties
that it offers and that regularly sees the participation of tantissime persons.
All these activities are rendered possible thanks to the profuse engagement from a narrow one
group of associates who dedicate their free time to the organization and the management
of the section, coadiuvati from boys who lend the civil service in the WWF,
present in center in the number of 4, like from signed convention
with the Defense Ministry, than they are taken care in particular way
of the activities of maintenance of the botanical Garden
and of the Oasis of Alvisopoli let alone of the secretariat of the Section.
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